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Consignment How-To's:


Consignment Agreement

Bring Us Your Best - Best of Your Closet ~ Best of Your Home!

Sell your good-as-new merchandise at Savvy and earn cash for recycling your too-good-to-be-given away closet and your fabulous too-nice-to-donate home furnishings and decor!

1.  First time schedule an appointment for clothing, home decor and items you can bring in easily.  If you have furniture or large closet cleanouts which require an in-home visit, please call the shop at 412/343-1500 to speak with the owner, Colleen McKenzie.  You can also email pictures to


 Selection:  Merchandise will be priced and selected at Savvy's discretion.  We are very selective based solely on our customers preferences.  Items found damaged after initial inspection will be sold at a discount or donated if unsellable without further notice.  

Payment:  After the sale of an item, the consignor's account will be credited 40% for items priced under $100, and 50% for items priced over $100.  Payment can be picked up in-store or mailed if over 25 miles from the shop.

Liability: Savvy does not guarantee your items will sell whether expressed or implied.  Savvy reserves the right to amend its consignment contract at any time. Savvy does its best to protect and safeguard your items, but cannot guarantee them from natural disaster, fire, theft.  For items priced over $100, your personal insurance will cover these items as we do not own them.  

You, as the Consignor, attest you are the sole owner of your consigned items and free to sell them without lien or legal encumberances, are over 18 years of age, and warrant items to be in proper working condition.

AUTHENTICITY:  Consignor attests to the authenticity of designer copyrighted goods including clothing, shoes, jewelry and purses.  Savvy does not sell replica and/or "knock-off" items knowingly to its customers and is illegal to do so.  

2.  Savvy consigns items on a seasonal basis.  Spring clothing, shoes and home decor (Easter/Gardening) and prom gowns start arriving early February.  Summer shorts, sandals, beach decor,  begin arriving in April as weather warms up.  Fall clothing (boots, jeans, leggings, jackets and vests) and fall decor (Halloween & Thanksgiving) start arriving end of August. Winter furs, coats, wools and heavier clothing, and Thanksgiving/Christmas decor begin arriving early October as colder weather begins.

Our customers are looking for very current style home decor and better designer items from boutique stores and better department stores such as Macy's, Nordstroms- in like new condition.  Designer brands in demand, which sell quickly are: Anthropologie, Brahmin, Burberry, Chicos, DVF, Eileen Fisher, Free People, Frye, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, Nanette Lepore, Prada, Rag & Bone, Sam Edelman, Splendid, Theory, Tory Burch, Ugg, Velvet, Vince and so many more. See our "Most Frequently Asked Questions" for specific store brands they are looking to purchase!

Condition of Merchandise:  Freshly laundered/dry cleaned clothing must be brought in on disposable hangers, shoes in bags/boxes in either new or mint condition.  We are competing with surrounding Marshall's/tjmaxx for same customers $$$ - and do not consign items unless they can be priced at least $10.  Everyday tees/shorts/items not in demand are hard to sell.  

3.  Savvy Fox has a one-time $20 Account set up fee.  You can check your account online 24/7 to see what items have sold - your payout money due to you - and the status of your items!  If you have $20 and under in your account, cash will be handed to you - over $20 and a check will be written.  Savvy has a 7 day pay delay to allow checks/charges to clear.  Please call the shop at 412/343-1500 to verify which funds have cleared.  Inactive accounts over 2 years old will be closed and any monies accrued forfeited.

4.  Savvy Fox prices items based upon demand and current market selling conditions.  Our goal's to make $$$ for both of us!  We are a partnership!

5.  Your clothing & shoes are on the selling floor for 60 days, with periodic markdowns to keep inventory moving.  

Furniture, home decor, designer purse, jewelry are marked down at a lower discounted rate than clothing - 15% per month.  All items in the store are subject to storewide sales and/or periodic coupons to entice buyers.

I agree to the above terms:


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